Men, Get Real: The Four Foundational Walls

In the process to win financially, before you get to the “how” you must determine your “WHY.” Getting to a better financial position is a battle—but how do you fight at your highest level without knowing if the things you care about are protected? This form will help in two ways—to help you find what is important to you and give you the confidence to know those things are protected.

Your four walls are a key step in your success. These four walls will protect what’s important to you while you go out and fight the battle. In the square below write in the things that are most important to you, the things you would protect at all costs.Take some time and think really hard. When you have written all those things inside the “walls”, around the outer four edges, write:

These are The Four Foundational Walls that will protect the things important to you while you have to go out and fight this battle.

You need a cover or roof for your walls. In the blank under the square write

You will not have financial success unless you set up and secure your FOUR WALLS. It’s time to fight!

Click here to download the Four Foundational Walls form

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