Straight Talk About Women & Finances

Written by Bonita Vinson, Ph.D.
Price: $14.99 • 79 Pages • Paperback & Kindle
ISBN: 978-0-9894976-6-4

This book provides hope to women who are struggling with their individual or family financial situation. At any starting point, women can align themselves with this book from where they are financially and gain hope. They will walk away with examples and guidance on how to improve their financial situation. Women of all income brackets and ages, and walks of life have something to gain from reading and engaging in this book.

This book talks about getting yourself out of debt while using real life situations to do so. It doesn’t matter if you are a single parent (like myself) single, married, whatever the case may be, this book is for you! Bonita Vinson did not sugarcoat a thing as she talks about financial responsibility and how to make your money situation work for you.

Carla Towns— Reviewer
African Americans on the Move Book Club

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