Stop Dreaming, Start Planning!

Father’s Day weekend I presented to young men ages 8-18 about financial fitness at the B.O.L.D. (Believe Obey Lead Disciple) conference in Irving, TX. They were broken into three groups based on age and I was given the task of teaching them about money; how to better handle it, how it impacts their future, why they need to develop a giving spirit and more.

The middle group (12-14 year olds) was the toughest group- I used candy on the 8-11 year olds and talked to the older guys “as men”, since they are closer to my target audience (I speak a lot to mens groups)- these ‘tweeners’ are a hard bunch to figure out.

So I hit them with a deep, thought-provoking question, “What’s the difference between dreams and goals?”

Ultimately we came to the conclusion that dreams are things you hope for, goals are things you plan for.

Many had dreams of college, good jobs, cars, homes- you know, the things many adults seem to have. I then hit them with another whopper, “Do you need money to fulfill your dreams?” “No, dreams are free.” “Ok, then do you need money to fulfill your plans?” That had a mixed response. “What if I plan to do nothing but play video games all day?” one said. “You plan on eating?” I said. “and how do you plan to play your games without electricity? All these things cost money.”

We coach a lot to adults that talk of the dreams they used to have; going to college, traveling, starting a business. Dreams die because they stay dreams and are never turned to goals. Goals REQUIRE a plan.

The problem is many think dreams and goals are the same, they’re not. Thinking they are the same allows you to not work on your goals and just hope they will come to be.

I don’t minimize the importance of dreams, dreaming is a very important step in believing, but you have to get those dreams off the shelf and give them life and purpose.

Where do you want to be financially in a year, five years, in retirement? Do you dream of traveling? writing a book? starting a non-profit organization?

I encourage you to turn your dreams into goals, make a plan to accomplish them, then get to work!

Start here:
* Figure out where you stand financially
* Set up a budget
* Eliminate debt

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