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We are speakers with “teachers’ hearts”. We believe most issues people face stem from two areas; ignorance (not knowing) and rebellion (spiritual rejection of God’s mandates). Knowledge fixes ignorance, that’s what we pride ourselves at delivering. We know only God can fix rebellion, that’s why along with practical information our keynotes are housed in the biblical authority needed to convict change and empower participants to live victoriously.

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[ Financial ]

Great Wealth
Over half of all the parables Jesus told dealt with money. Money can dominate our lives and influences us in good and bad ways. How we feel about money, how we accumulate it and how we steward over it all matters. In this lesson you will learn the 7 essentials to Great Wealth, including how to define it.
Jesus asked the lame man at the pool of Bethesda a simple question, “Do you want to be made whole?” When asked, “Do you want financial empowerment?” many say “yes,” but like this man have many reasons why you believe it’s not truly attainable. In this session you will learn the simple, yet powerful steps to financial empowerment.
Secrets to Getting Out and Staying Out of Debt
Get-rich-quick-schemes, lotteries, and many marketing tricks give people reasons to accumulate debt. Debt is a way of life in our society today, but for no good reason. This session uncovers 5 secrets to getting and staying out of debt that will enlighten audiences and empower them for years to come.

[ Women ]

The Virtuous Woman did not just appear on the scene—she began building her brand from her youth. Women of all ages, married and single will benefit from the journey to become and live as a SuperWoman. Dr. Vinson will highlight functional areas of this type of woman such as how she manages her “self”, “work”, “family”, “faith” and “finances.”

[ Men ]

Men, Get Real
Based on the award-winning book “Men, Get Real with Your Finances”, this session shines a light on what’s ailing men financially and gives proven steps on how to overcome them. A no holds barred experience that gets to the heart of the matter.

[ Leadership/Other ]

Future is Yours So Own It
Visioning and empowerment are two qualities many people struggle with. This session will outline techniques for visioning and encourage taking control of the path we all have been called to take with confidence and ownership.

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