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We are speakers with “teachers’ hearts”. We believe most issues people face stem from two areas; ignorance (not knowing) and rebellion (spiritual rejection of God’s mandates). Knowledge fixes ignorance, that’s what we pride ourselves at delivering. We know only God can fix rebellion, that’s why our keynotes are housed in the biblical authority needed to convict change and empower audiences to live victoriously.

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[Workshops are typically 60-to-90 Minutes — Each can stand alone or be combined for a day-long experience]

Purses, Pearls & Pumps

  • Theme: Women’s Finances/Leadership/Spiritual
  • Objective: Women address the areas of financial deficiency in their lives and get the tools to correct them

Men, Get Real With your Finances

  • Theme: Men’s Finances/Leadership/Spiritual
  • Objective: Men become aware of Spiritual and Practical issues that cause their financial issues and how to fix them


  • Theme: Women’s Finances/Leadership
  • Objective: Women get a clear understanding of tools to manage self, work, family, faith and finances as a Virtuous Woman

Financial Oneness

  • Theme: Couples Finances
  • Objective: Couples win financially through a covent relationship with their spouses

7 Things All Church Leaders Must Know About Money

  • Theme: Finances/Leadership
  • Objective: Church leaders are able to communicate and implement a financial vision in a way that creates enthusiasm and commitment for their house and God’s house

Leading Through Change

  • Theme: Leadership
  • Objective: Leaders are embrace (needed) change and help others understand why (and how) it change must happen

Get-out-of-debt and Stay-out-of-debt Tips For Moms (and dads)

  • Theme: Self-help/Empowerment
  • Objective:

Go To Graduate School For Free*

  • Theme: Self-help/Empowerment
  • Objective: Students are equipped with tools to earn advanced degrees with little or no debt

Invite Us to Speak at Your Next Event

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