Blocking your blessing WHILE being blessed

You can block the size of a blessing WHILE you’re being blessed

Luke 5:1-10

This scripture doesn’t directly relate, but stick with me.

Several months ago I posted a praise report of an incredible weekend for our “businistry”, YPE. It was a great weekend, but I minimized the blessing (and the potential for others being blessed) and God chastised me for it.

SONY DSCI spoke at a church and was given the opportunity to sell our books and speak with people individually. I was happy for the opportunity and I was riding a high from giving the people a good word.

I went out to the car to get books (we always bring some with us, actually the trunk was full because we had another event coming up). Then “Brad” got in the way. I said to myself “This is a SMALL church, there won’t be any sales here” and grabbed two partial boxes of books and brought them in.

When we were done there was 4-5 books left from the two partial boxes. I was happy I didn’t expend a bunch of energy bringing in all those boxes and only had to bring a few books back to the car. I prepared to leave then God spoke to me. “I filled the net you cast”. When I thought back on it, traffic to the table just turned off instantly (including questions and conversations) when the books dropped down to the 4-5 mentioned. I immediately apologized and confessed to my wife what happened. I minimized what God’s people could/would do.

Don’t misinterpret this to be about selling books, it’s much deeper than that.

The next day I was to speak to a group of Pastors and had prepared a message I was excited to present. Due to program changes I was instead scheduled to speak to ALL the conference participants, not just the specialized Pastors group. I was extremely excited about this new opportunity–and nervous. I rewrote the entire presentation for a more general (secular) audience. It went well, but I didn’t feel good about it. The fear of alienating someone made me water down the message and blocked the opportunity for business owners to hear what God says about finances as it relates to their businesses.

My spirit was quickened and I confided to my wife that I would NEVER deliver a financial message without a biblical foundation. You want me to speak, you’re going to get the Word. You want the world’s view on finances, find somebody else.

When you’re ministering to someone and a few more people walk up and you cut off the conversation, you’re blocking the bigger blessing.

When you buy the next person in line a coffee, and they have that ‘I need to talk to someone’ look in their eyes after they say “thank you” and you just say, “no problem, have a good day”- you blocked the bigger blessing.

When God gives the opportunity and command to “cast your net” you just cast it, He’ll fill it.

We need to work on building bigger nets. Get out into the deep water and cast those nets!

Be Blessed, Be Free!



  1. Amen! Well put, Uncle Brad! Just like when Elisha told the widow to borrow her neighbor’s containers and start pouring oil. When the containers ran out, so did the flow of oil. If only she had prepared and believed to bring in more oil….more blessing…more annointing! (If I were her, I would’ve started dumping out flower pots, pulling all my purses, and even holding oil shower caps! Tehe. Gotta get aaaaall that blessing)! Thanks for the inspiration and accountability.

  2. Lateeda

    Your article was wonderful! We at times feel like we need to shy away or de-christianize our speech as to not offend others, but you are so right., we end up short changing those listening and blocking what God would have us to say. I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for the wonderful comment. Point taken and received.

  3. Cheryl

    Wow, what a powerful word, Brad! We are all guilty of blocking God’s blessings by (self) getting in the way. Thank you for sharing…

  4. Ammie

    “Cast a bigger net!” I’m meditating on this and how to apply it. I want more for my life, more purpose, more expending of energy… Tired of feeling stunted. Good word Brad, changed my perspective.

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