It takes more than money

In a recent blog post/newsletter I spoke on a seemingly non-financial topic and I had reservations about it. Much like the topic of that post, I had to ‘cast the net’ and let God do what He does. The submitted comments and feedback was very encouraging.

My reservations stemmed from the idea that our newsletter was about “financial” topics and how does spiritual topics fit in that mold? The truth is spiritual issues are tied to many of our financial issues.

In my book, “Men, Get Real With Your Finances”, I dedicate a chapter to just that entitled It Takes More Than Money. As I wrote in that chapter,

It was through my growing relationship with God throughout the process of getting control of my finances that gave it all meaning. Not to be able to purchase things or pay off bills, but to better manage His resources. If you get everything this book teaches you and you miss the fact that God is all you need, I have failed you.

It is with that in mind that we’ve decided the blog found on YPE and our newsletter updates will include spiritual topics and encouragement along with the financial empowerment tips, topics and updates you are accustomed to receiving. Our desire is to empower and serve the ‘whole (wo)man’, not just their purses and wallets. This holistic array of content also mirrors how we teach and coach.

We pray that you stay on this journey with us and encourage others to join us.

Be Blessed, Be Free!

We’d love your feedback on this and other posts. Please join the conversation.


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